Banruo Temple

The Banruo Temple is the largest Buddhist Temple in Changchun, which also serves as the Buddhist Association of the city and province. Banruo Temple was listed as the national key Buddhist temples in Han region. The  Banruo Temple is a perfect example of Buddhist architecural structure covering an area of 15,000 square meters and filled with beautiful gardens and halls inside. There are around 40 monks practising, meditating and living in the temple. The gateway of the temple is consisted of 3 paratactic arches. There are dense trees and erected halls in the temple. Stepping into the temple, you will see Mile Hall (Tianwang Hall), Main Hall and Western Three Saints Hall one after another.
Leading further into the temple is the Heavenly King Hall where Four Heavenly Kings, four protectors of the sacred Buddhist world, are worshiped with the Laughing Buddha sitting in the center. At the back of the Heavenly King Hall, the solemn Grand Hall enshrineing the Sykyamuni Buddha is the center of the temple and most importantly-built. There are also lots of arhats alongside accompanying the main Buddha. People who comes here can write down there prayers and send them with a beaten bell. The last hall is the Sutra Library where preserves the Buddhist doctrines. Some travel guide information of Banruo Temple: Location: Changchun Road, Nanguan District, Northeast to People's Square Tickets: RMB1 one ticket, free on holidays. Opening hours: 9am-6pm Contact number: +86 431-88914771

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