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Jingyuetan Ski Resort

Jingyuetan Ski Resort is located in Jingyuetan National Scenic Area, about 18 kilometers southeast from the center of Changchun City. Jingyuetan Ski Resort has appropriate temperature and snow sodility for skiing. Covering an area of 18 square kilometers, Jingyuetan Ski Resort is distinguished for its unique "skiing in the city" from most of the other skiing resorts. Jingyuetan Ski Resort is boasting of gifted location privilege and natural resources. It is endowed by picturesque scenery and refreshing air and blessed with a skiing season of 120 days from November to March the next year. The Jingyuetan Ski Resort is 23 kilometers away from the airport and easy accessable to the downtown with free shuttles in between. Also, entertainments other than skiing, like dining and shopping can be found easily in the ski resort.
The resort sets elementary run, intermediate run and cross-country run to cater to skiers at different levels. The three elementary are perfect for novices. The intermediate ski run stretches 1470 meters long, 35 meters wide with the ascent of 15 degrees and 80.6 meters of hight difference, which is suitable for middle-level skiers and all kind of non-competitive contests. The cross-country trail is about 2.5 kilometers long, which is a wonderful place for advanced skier to take a challenge. Meanwhile, there is a double-chair cable and three lifts in service to take skiers up to the top of the trail. Two snow-makers are set in the place to maintain the snow. Some guide informations of the Jingyuetan Ski Resort:Address: Within the Jingyuetan National Scenic Park Entrance fee: RMB10/person Ski fare: RMB40/hour; RMB100/4 hours Opening hour: 08:00-16:30 Contact number: +86 10 8596 8802

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