Meteorite Museum

The Jilin Meteorite Museum is located in the south bank of Songhua River and near Changchun Bridge. And it is China's only purpose-built meteorite museum. The museum contains exhibits relating not only to meteorite falls in Jilin but a collection of space-rocks from China and the several other countries (including Meteorite No.1, the largest stone in the world). The museum not only showcases the rocks but also graphs, analysis and other information regarding meteorites. In 1976, a rare large meteorite showers covering 500 square kilometers appeared in Jilin City. The largest meteorites occurred in the showers, weighing 1770 kilograms, known as the Meteorite No.1 of Jilin. It was rarely seen in the world with large scale, heavy weight and exact scientific records.
According to analysis, Jilin meteorite belongs to olivine that is the copper picrite ball meteorite. It is made up of 40 different kinds of minerals which contain 18 elements. When the meteorite show fell down, the blare and seismic waves broke thousands of glazing of residents. Its magnificent scene and huge power is as strong as A-bomb. However, what surprises us is that there is no one hurt in this meteorite shower. Jilin meteorite--this uninvited guest, not only provide some valuable universe information to us but also add some color to the travel business of Jiangcheng Jilin City which become the peculiar scenery in China. Some guide information about Jilin Meteorite Museum: Location: Changchun,Jilin; Opening Hours: 8:30-16:30; Contact number: 86-10-58968802 Tickets: CNY40

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