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Beihai Travel Guide

Beihai is one of the ports in China near other cities in Southeast Asia and West Asia, making it the gateway between China and areas in southern and central China. Just declared an open city not too long ago, Beihai has developed into a menacing coastal trading center in the last couple of years. Positioned on a broad peninsula, Beihai boosts a sleepy tropical atmosphere as well as plenty of beautiful beaches. At the beaches, guests can enjoy a host of interesting things to do, including simply relaxing and soaking up the sun, waterskiing, or exploring the highly interesting and volcanic Weizhou and Xieyang Islands. Also, in the morning, guests can relish in all types of sea life, sold in the fish markets. Look around the city proper, and you will find broad, straight roads beautified by trees perfuming the air... a pleasant gift from nature! Dining in Beihai is attractive and provides many types of cuisine are readily available. Of course there are also many restaurants serving western-style food. Check more things to see in the following Beihai attraction guide.

Beihai Attraction Guide – Things To Do in Beihai

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