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We are honored to offer you the fantastic Beihai Tour to you. Beihai, located near Southeast Asia, Guangdong Province, Hainan Island, Hong Kong, Macao, and Vietnam, has developed into a busy coastal trading center in the last couple of years, just because it's declaration of an open city. Positioned on a broad peninsula, Beihai boosts a sleepy tropical atmosphere as well as plenty of beautiful beaches. At the beaches, guests can enjoy a host of interesting activities, including simply relaxing and soaking up the sun, waterskiing, or exploring the highly interesting and volcanic Weizhou and Xieyang Islands.

Beihai Highlight Day Tour

Beihai Silver Beach Day Tour

Beihai Silver Beach Day TourCode:CT109From:USD25

Tour Features:- This tour brings you to enjoy the most drawing spot in Beihai - Silver Beach. Beihai is located at the sou..

Beihai Weizhou Island 3 Days Tour

Beihai Weizhou Island 3 Days TourCode:CT107From:USD180

Tour Features:- This tour will take you to explore the Weizhou Island. Lying south of Beihai City in Guangxi with a total ..

Beihai Fisherman's Family Day Tour

Beihai Fisherman's Family Day TourCode:CT105From:USD55

Tour Features:- This is a tour for you to explore the local fiserman’s life in Beihai. Situated in the north of Guangxi, B..

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