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Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall

The Memorial Hall of Dr. Sun Yat-sen is one of Guangzhou's most recognizable buildings as well as being a powerful draw for tourists it also plays host to numerous conventions and concerts. Its distinctive octagonal shape accentuates its traditional Chinese architectural style. The Hall's wide span is not supported by a single pillar, thanks its ingenious design utilizing a steel frame. It houses a massive stage and can seat over 3, 000 guests at any time. It is complemented by the Sun Yat-sen Monument, a spire that has internal engravings, which can be viewed from a spiral staircase, telling thirteen stories. The Memorial Hall (the main construction) is an octagonal building made of steel frame with reinforced concrete framework.
In all four directions of the roof with sapphire blue glaze tiles sits a saddle rooftop with an octagonal pointed roof covering the central area. The square-spire-shape Sun Yat-sen Monument is 37.3 meters in height and made of granite. The inner of the Monument has thirteen stories and the curving stairs can allow people to go up. "The Testament of Premier Sun" is engraved on the positive south of its body. With the same constructing style, two-storied steel-truss-beam buildings (accessory buildings) stand on the east and the west of the Hall. Li Keng and Feng Baoling are their designers. Here is some guide information about Dr.Sun Yat-Sen’s Mausoleum. The detail is following: Location: Lingqianlu, Xuan Wu District, Nanjing  Admission Fee: CNY 80/Person  Opening hours: 08:30 a.m-17:00 p.m Contact Hotline: 86 25 84446111

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