Zengcheng is located in the northeast of the Pearl River Delta and east of Guangzhou. The city posseses an advanced transportation system combining waterways, roads and air traffic. The city has many popular tourism sites like thermal springs, forests, lakes and famous scenic and historic sites. The City has such attractions as four golf courses, the mother tree of Gualu lychees and many other places of interest, attracting lots of domestic and foreign tourists The municipal government is located in Licheng Township, which means the City of Lychee in Chinese.
Every year during the harvest season of lychees, visitors flock to Zengcheng to try this delicious fruit, creating a temporary boom in tourism, so much so that in recent years, a lychee festival has been organized every July. The best of all varieties of litchi is the Zengcheng "Gualu", a local specialty. It has a dark red skin with traces of green. Zengcheng is also rich in natural resources, such as coal, magnetic iron, tungsten and limestone. The urban landscape is also very modern and attractive.

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