Zhaoqing City is located in the centre of Guangdong Province. To the south and west of Zhaoqing lie the plains and to the east and north is the mountainous areas. One of the province's major places of natural beauty and historical interest is Star Lake, and other areas of picturesque beauty include the Seven-Star Cliff and Dinghu MountainTheir hills and lakes form the area known as Limerock Pinnacle. In addition, there are such tourist sights as Chongxi Pagoda, Song Township Walls, Tower for Reviewing the River and Baogong Memorial Temple.
Priority has been given to the development of the food industry, textiles, and the electronics and leather industries. Leather goods and local beverages have captured a sizeable share of the domestic market. Yunfu is one of the countries biggest areas of sulphur and iron production. Paddy rice, sugar cane, fruits, flowers and plants, rosin, casia bark and southern herbal medicine are grown in abundance.

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