Dragon Gate

The Dragon Gate Grotto, as part of the Western Hills, took 72 years of work to sculpt from the rock. It was achieved between 1781 and 1853, and lies 15 kilometers west of Kunming, close to the shore of the Dianchi Lake. The Dragon Gate is renowned for being carved from a single stone, and is made up of 3 parts; an archway, a platform and a stone room containing numerous sculptures. The complex also includes the Ciyun Cave, the Datian Pavilion, and the famous Yunhua Cave, as one of the highlights of Dragon Gate. The Chinese Characters for Longmen (Dragon Gate) are inscribed above the arch of the complex. The Dragon Gate also consists of the Sanqing Temple complex. The Sanqing Temple is a Taoist complex that consists of several tiers; the Lingguan Hall, The Sanqing hall, the Zhenwuu Hall, the Chunyang Pavilion, Lingxiao Pavilion, Laojun Pavilion, the Yuhuang Temple, Luzu Temple, qisheng Temple, Taiqing Palace, and the Taiji Palace.
The complex is built on a cliff, and like the Dragon gate it has been hand carved from natural rock. The scenery outside the two complexes is breathtakingly beautiful, with the glistening waters of the Dianchi Lake below, and the green mountains and cliffs surrounding the area. The dragon gate is over 2,300 meters above the surface of the lake, with a dangerous and beguiling scenery below. The Dragon Gate complex is an important travelist site in the Western Hills, and must be seen if you wish to explore Kunming completely! Here is some guide information for your travel to the Dragon Gate: Admission Fee: CNY30/Person; Opening Hours: 08:30 to 18:00.

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