Golden Temple

The Golden Temple is situated 7 miles to the northeast of Kunming city. The Golden Temple rises 21 feet high, with two tiers and is 25 feet wide. It is made of a weathered marble with dark patina to show its age, as over 370 years old. Inside the Golden Temple rests a statue of the Zhengwu Emperor, accompanied by a Gold boy and girl in front of an alter. A statue of a fierce tortoise and a snake stand guard over the altar, and these were thought to have been moved to the hill in 1637. As one of the largest bronze works in China (at 250 tons), the Golden Temple was first built in 1602 and recast 69 years later.
The Golden Temple's park takes up over 133 hectares on the Mingfeng Mountains, though much of this area is overgrown and vegetated. A good deal of the area is made up of lakes and ponds, with flourishing vegetation on land as well as water. The area around the Golden Temple stands as a national forest reserve. Here is some guide information for your travel to the Golden Temple: Admission Fee: CNY20/Person; Opening Hours: 07:00 to 19:00; Contact Number: +86 871-5018306

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