The Stone Forest

The Stone Forest of Lunan County is considered to be a wonder of the world because of its imposing natural landscape. It is located about 86 kilometers from Kunming, and contains layers of hills and the rising stone peaks  of the "forest". There is also a varied range of cultural heritage associated with the region, such as legends and folklore of the stone forest. These include the legends of "Ashima" and the Torchlight Festival of the Sani people, which takes place on the 24th June each year, and the "Axi Dance Under Moonlight" of the Yi people. There are three main areas in the Stone Forest; the Greater, Lesser and Outer Stone Forests. Greater Stone Forest: Inside the sea of Stone Forest, one feels as if were in a bizarre fairyland. The stone formations standing still resemble a variety of things such as ancient fortresses, birds, beasts, flowers, trees, and whatever else one can imagine.
Lesser Stone Forest: It adjoins the Greater Stone Forest, and has large lawns, lush growth of bamboos and trees as well as mountain flowers in Spring and Autumn. Outer Stone Forest: It's gifted with myriad of stone peaks of various shapes, most notably the Lion Hill, where a boulder of a squatting lion on a peak. As soon as one enters the Stone Forest scenic area, a crystal-clear lake comes into focus. A few hundred steps beyond the lake, there is a pool with a huge boulder in the shape of a squatting lion. Further on, a couple of tall limestones block the way like a green screen. Here is some guide information for your travel to the Stone Forest: Admission Fee: CNY175/Person; Opening Hours: 08:30 to 18:00.

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