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Gyangtse Old Street

The Gyangtse old street is located very close to the Palkhor Monastery. It is long and comfortably wide street paved with flagstones and clay. Not like the Parkhor Street in Lhasa, the Gyangtse old street shows the true daily life of the local Tibetans. Local Tibetan houses dotted along each side of the Gyangtse old street, one or two storeys in local architectural style. The Gyangtse old street is an ideal place to experience the real local life of the Tibetan people. The Gyangtse old street is located in the Gyangtse Old Town which was a Tibetan feudal lords manor. The Gyangtse old street has provided valuable specimens for people to understand the feudal serfdom in old Tibet.
Due to the lack of automobiles, the environment in the Gyangtse old street area is especially clean and refreshing. The people that live here are also some of the most hospitable people you will meet in China. The local people will sometimes be nice enough to offer food and drink just out of their own kindness. There are also several stores along the Gyangtse old street that sell local products and specialties such as old coins, kettles, knives and other things. If one is lucky, one might also find some old antiques along this interesting street! The Gyangtse old street is definitely a quiet and genuine travel destination for all the travelors. Some guide information of the Gyangtse old street. Location: 90km from Shigatse, in Gyangtse Old Town

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