Himalayan Ranges

The Himalaya Ranges is one of the most magnificent natural wonders in the world. The name of Himalaya comes from Sanckrit ‘Hima’ and ‘alaya’, which mean snow and domain, by Indian pilgrims traveling in the area. Nowadays, the Himalaya Ranges is the most attractive place to those climbers from all over the world to travel and challenge themselves. The Himalaya Ranges has the largest number of highest mountains in the world. There are 110 peaks above sea level up to or more than 7,300 meters (24,000 feet), one of them is the most famous and highest peak , Mount Qomolangma (aslo known as Mount Everest, Sagarmatha Peak), in the world. For thousands of years the Himalaya Ranges has shown a profound impact on the personality of South Asian people, which has been reflected by their literature, politics, economy, myths and religion. The Himalaya Ranges stretches across six nations including Afghanistan, Bhutan, India and Pakistan but mainly on the border between China and Nepal.
The Himalaya Ranges stretches over 2400 kilometers from east to west with a width spanning 200 to 300 kilometers from south to north. According to the geological survey, the Himalaya Ranges was a vast ocean twenty billion years ago which was called the ancient Mediterranean. The area experienced a long geological period 30 million years ago. Then there was a strong and lasting orogeny due to a continental collison along the convergent boundary between Indo-Australian Plate and the Eurasian Plate which closed the ocean and uplifted the Himalaya Ranges. The Himalaya Ranges is one of the youngest mountain ranges that is still growing on the planet and consists of sedimetentary and metamorphic rock. The uplifting of the Himalaya Ranges is still increasing by one to two centimeters every year. The mountains of Himalaya Ranges are the most attractive travel destination for those adventurous people. Some guide information of the Himalaya Ranges.

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