Lake Namtso

Namtso Lake, literally known as Tengri Nor in Mongolian language, is the second largest saltwater lake. The name of Namtso Lake and Tengri Nor both mean "Heavenly Lake". Namtso Lake is at the border between Damxung County of Lhasa Prefecture and Baingoin County of Nagqu Prefecture with an altitude of 4718 meters. Namtso Lake is in a rectangular like shape stretching over 70 kilometers from easr to west and 30 kilometers from south to north, which makes it the highest large lake in the world covering an area of more than 1870 square meters. According to the documetns, the Namtso Lake is as the sky fell to the ground, hence the name "Hevenly Lake", while the Tibetan people say it’s because of the high altitude of the Namtso Lake. Namtso Lake receives its water from the rain and melted snow. In the middle of Namtso Lake are five islands as well as there being five bylands.
The best time to visit Namtso Lake is during the summer when many birds come back to lay their eggs, herds travel through the area and other animals enjoy the warm summer months. Legend has it that circumanbulation around the lake once in goat year of Tibetan calendar is way better than hundreds of thousand times of that during other time because every goat year the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, and safeguarding God assemble in Namtso Lake and set up altar for utsava. Tibetan people journey a long way to the Namtso Lake for cirmanbulation and the utsava culminates on April 15th. Several pilgrims come to walk clockwise around the Namtso Lake to receive a blessing from the gods and there is one temple where people stop and worship. Namtso Lake is a popular travel destination. Some guide information of Namtso Lake.  Location: between Damxung County and Baingoin County  Tickets: CNY100  Contact number: +86 10 85968802

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