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Haikou Travel Guide

Haikou is a great retreat when you are looking to escape the cold winter climate elsewhere in much of China. It provides a warm sanctuary with clean sea water, fresh air, beautiful beaches and bright sunshine. Haikou, as the capital of Hainan Island, is the transportation hub and center of all government and commercial services. In recent years, the town has developed into another modern Chinese city with large shops and colorful restaurants. Besides its natural resources, Haikou has a number of important sites of historical interest. The city is quite pretty, with a sprinkling of temples and some charming remains of Sino-Portuguese, colonial architecture worth to see. The city is also known as a port town that handles most of the island’s commerce with the mainland. Here there are modern and convenient public transport facilities and many shopping malls which meet your needs. 30 minutes by taxi from Haikou Meilan Airport, and 3.5 hours from Sanya. Few guidebooks mention that China's gender imbalance is at its peak here with an astonishing estimated 135 men for every 100 women. In Haikou, renowned through the country for its sex industry.

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