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Haikou tour is a great retreat when you are looking to escape the bone-chilling winter climate elsewhere in much of China. Facing Qiongshan City and Chengmai County to the south and southwest respectively, Haikou, located in the north of Hainan Island, is separated from Guangdong Province by only 15 miles. It enjoys a tropical marine climate with the average temperature of 23.8 degrees Celsius and average lows of 18 degrees Celsius. The average precipitation is about 1664 mm with rainfall falling at 0.1mm per day. It provides a warm sanctuary with clean sea water, fresh air, beautiful beaches and bright sunshine.

Haikou Highlight Day Tour

Haikou Half-Day Highlight Tour

Haikou Half-Day Highlight TourCode:CT296From:USD35

Tour Features:- No tour is as leisurely as this one. Haikou is a capital of the Hainan province as well as a economical, p..

Haikou One Day Essence Tour

Haikou One Day Essence TourCode:CT293From:USD45

Tour Features:- On this tour, you will visit the essence of Haikou City. Haikou is a capital of the Hainan province as wel..

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