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Kashgar Travel Guide

Kashgar introduces things to see in this city. Situated at the foot of the Pamir Mountains and west of the Taklamakan Desert, Kashgar has a history spanning over 2,000 years. The city's historical importance derives from the fact that it was a pivotal city along the Silk Road in ancient times. Trade and other commercial activities were large conducted in Kashgar, as caravans from the West and other parts of the world stopped to exchange and buy goods. Additionally, the city was a gateway for travelers and merchants to Persia and India, as well as other ancient empires. Today, Kashgar still has the largest bazaar in Xinjiang with a capacity for tens of thousands people. One of the things to do in Kashgar is to visit the bazaar. The bazaar is bustling with different unique supplies, including embroidered caps, knives from Yengisar, silk fabrics, wool for carpet, sheep skins, herbal medicine, pottery, musical instruments, crops and fruits, livestock. The bazaar is also the center for cultural and news exchange. Every year, there are various folk performances, circus shows, and other ethnic displays.

Kashgar Attraction Guide – Things To Do in Kashgar

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