Luo Binwang Tomb

Luo Binwang Tomb, built in the Ming Dynasty, commemorates the famous Tang Dynasty poet of the same name. He was one of the Tang Dynasty's four outstanding poets, wrote one of his famous poems "Ode to the Goose" at the age of only seven. The Luo Binwang Tomb is located about nine miles east of Yiwu County, surrounded by natural hills and water and consists of six scenic sports: Fengxiao Shuihan Lake, Jinjie Xuhuai Natural Park, among others. It is the only place of interest in Yiwu County that has been authorized by Chinese Government. Luo Binwang Tomb is a peaceful place for visitors to learn something about Chinese history. The Luo Binwang Tomb we see today was restored in 1989.
The body of the Luo Binwang Tomb is hemispherical, whilst the tomb passage is orbicular, surrounded by flourishingly evergreen pines and cypresses. In front of the tomb, there is a gateway-form memorial stele with four posts. Visitors will be infected by the tranquil air of the Luo Binwang Tomb, and ponder the events of Chinese history while wandering around the tomb. Here is some guide information about Luo Binwang Tomb. Here are some guide information about Luo Binwang Tomb. Location: Yiwu city ,Jin Hua , Zhejiang  Admission Fee: Free  Opening hours: Whole day  Contact Hotline: 86 579 85522170

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