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Yiwu Hengdian Film And TV Production Base

Yiwu Hengdian Film and TV Production Base, built in 1996, is where many Chinese movies and TV series are filmed. The Yiwu Hengdian Film and TV Production Base is divided into 12 different areas that look like different parts of China that are used for the different settings for Chinese film and television. This movie studio is also known as East Hollywood, due to its importance and grand stature in China for making film and television. Hengdian World Studios is the first film site in China to adopt such a mode of development. Its success has hastened the economic development of the town, and now Hengdian is looking forward to further development.
Its goal is to be the best in the world. The director of Hengdian World Studios expressed, "our service, tourism products, economic and social benefits should all become world-class. We have models like Hollywood and Disney already in place." How to travel this Film and TV Production Base? Here is some guide information  for your reference. The detail is following: Location: Dongyang City, Jin Hua  Admission Fee: CNY 255/Person Opening hours: 08:00 a.m-17:00 p.m   Contact Hotline: 86 579 6547180

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