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Yiwu Travel Guide

Yiwu Guide workes as a handbook for one who may have the chance to visit Yiwu city. Situated in the center of Zhejiang Province, on the eastern part of the Jin Qu basin, Yiwu is comprised of 8 towns, 5 boroughs, with a population of 670,000 and 600,000 non-native dwellers.Yiwu enjoys a subtropical climate. Yiwu's claim to fame is its certification given in August 2005, as "the world's largest commodities wholesaling market" in a China Development Report jointly issued by the UN, World Bank and Morgan Stanley. With over 400,000 standard containers being exported every year, the young and energetic commercial city of Yiwu is developing into a economic powerhouse. Yiwu is not a typical tourists city, however, you can also find things to do there. Yiwu is famous for tasty snacks, such as: the like Donghe Roubing (Donghe Meat Pie) and Yiting Hand-pulled Noodles (Yiting Lamian). Donghe Roubing consists of two pancakes with a pork and chive filling. As for what scenic spot to see in this small city, they are the Songpushan Forest Park with area of 8 square kilometers mainly for enjoying the waterfull and integrating function of camping, mountaineering, exploration and vacation, and Chinese Medical Culture Exhibition Center. The city is also known for wine series, healthy foodstuffs, beverages, along with sanatoriums, villas and vacation resorts.

Yiwu Attraction Guide – Things To Do in Yiwu

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