Mt. Hua

Mt. Hua, located in South Huayin County, is the western mountain of the five sacred mountains in China. The Temple of the West March mount is the oldest temple on the mountain, built during the time of the Wu Emperor Han. There are several other temples located on the Mountain Hua that are worth seeing while hiking around the area. Not only are there many temples to see, but the scenery of the Mountain Hua is also of great beauty and historic interest. The highest peak of Mt. Hua is the south peak named Luoyan Peak with the elevation being 2159.4 meters.
Mt. Hua has long had a reputation for its stunning precipices and height, therefore lots of articles and poetries had left from centuries to praise Mt. Hua. Here's some guide information of Mountain Hua for your reference: Location: Huanyin County, 120 km away to the east of Xian   Opening hours:7:00-19:00 (Mar.1-Nov.31); 9:00-17:00 (Dec.1-Feb.29)  Admission Fee: CNY120/Person; Cable car: CNY 80 P.P. / CNY 45P.P. (Mar.1-Nov.31); CNY 150 P.P./ CNY 80P.P. (Dec.1-Feb.29) Contact number: +86-913 4362794

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