Big Mosque

The Big Mosque in Xian is the largest, best preserved and one of the most important Islamic mosques in China. Xi'an is home to one of the biggest Mosques in China and also one of the most magnificent and interesting. The Big Mosque was built in the 1st year of Emperor Tian Bao's reign in the Tang Dynasty and was repaired using Ming style designs in the 17th century. The feature of the Big Mosque in Xian is that the Big Mosque has neither domes nor traditional-style minarets. Its design is mainly in Chinese architectural style, except for some Arabic decorations, which is different from most Mosques in Middle East or Arabian countries.
The Big Mosque is divided into four different sections. There are 50,000 Muslims in Xi'an and the majority comes to this Mosque to pray. Not only do the Huis come here to pray, but many Muslim and Arabic State leaders also come here when they visit China. The area around the Big Mosque is also a great place to walk around and shop for souvenirs. Some guide information for the Big Mosque is following: Location: No.30 Huajue Lane, Xi'an City    Admission Fee: CNY25/Person (March-November); CNY15/Person(December, January, February)  Contact number: +86-29 87272541   Opening hours: 08:00-19:30

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