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Ancient City Wall

The Ancient City Wall is one of the oldest landmarks in Xian city and the best preserved and longest extant city wall in China. The ancient Xian city used to be contained within this wall. The Ancient City Wall was built in the 14th century at the request of Emperor Zhuyuanzhang. The Ancient City Wall is tall, long and thick and the two main entrances are the North and South Gate. In the past, these gates were the only ways to get into the city. After its enlargement in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), the Ancient City Wall is 12-14 meters across the top, 15-18 meters thick at bottom and 13.7 kilometers in length.
Now, tourists are allowed to go on top of the wall and walk around or bike around at their leisure. One can see a great view of the city from atop the wall as well as visit the many towers built along the wall. The Ancient City Wall is a hot tourist attraction nowadays. If you have a chance to visit Xian, the Ancient City Wall is a significant place we recommend. Here is some guide information of the Ancient City Wall for your reference. Location: in the Xi'an City  Admission Fee: CNY40/Person  Contact number: +86 29 87282976  Opening hours: 08:00-19:00

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