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Nanchang Travel Guide

The Nanchang Guide information is telling things to do in this city. the capital of Jiangxi Province built in 202 BC, has a vibrant history spanning over 2200 years. The city is ideally located in the lower reaches of Hanjiang River and the Fuhe River, facing the Boyang Lake. As a result, the city enjoys a moderate climate boosting rain and four distinct seasons. The summers and winters are long while the springs and autumns are relatively short. The best time to visit Nanchang is during spring and summer. Nanchang not only boosts clean air and water, but also has a number of rivers running through it, including Gan River and Fu River. Nanchang is full of beautiful scenic spots to see, green belts, ecological areas, and amusement parks. Amongst things to do in Nanchang, the most notable spot are the eight lakes situated in both the urban areas and outskirts of the city. It is simply an amazing sight to see the unique scenery of the city harmoniously fuse together with the lakes. Besides the lakes, there are also an abundance of mountains, hills, and plains within the city. With so many things to see, your trip in Nanchang will be enjoyable.

Nanchang Attraction Guide – Things To Do in Nanchang

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