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Nanchang Tour is a must if you go to visit Jiangxi Provice. Nanchang, a city with a vibrant history spanning over 2200 years, is the capital of Jiangxi Province built in 202 BC. It is ideally located in the lower reaches of Hanjiang River and the Fuhe River, facing the Boyang Lake. As a result, the city enjoys a mild climate boosting rain and four distinct seasons. The summers and winters are long while the springs and autumns are relatively short. The best time to take Nanchang tour is during springs and summers. We sincerely provide tour packages to Nanchang as follows for your reference.

Nanchang Highlight Day Tour

Nanchang Mt. Lushan 4 Days Tour

Nanchang Mt. Lushan 4 Days TourCode:CT509From:USD170

Tour Features:- In this tour, you will explore the essence of Jiangxi Province by visiting the famous Mount Lu and the cap..

Nanchang 1-Day Popular Tour

Nanchang 1-Day Popular TourCode:CT499From:USD45

Tour Features:- This Nanchang 1-day tour is suitable for all people who come to visit Nanchang. Nanchang is the capital of..

China Tour Packages Including Nanchang

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