Resonant Sand Bay

Resonant Sand Bay, a grand sand desert whose sands can make music when you walk on it. As one of the most popular scenic sopts in Baotou, this natural scenic area located 50 km north from Baotou. It lies at the east section of Kubuqi Desert, China's seventh largest desert, and assumes a crescent shape with 100 meters in height and 400 meters in width, forming a 45-degree slope. There are many folk tales about this phenomenon. One of them said that very long ago, a lamasery was located here. One day when the lamas were chanting sutra and beating drums, suddenly a wild wind swept over the lamasery and buried it in the sand. Lamas' spirits still linger there, and the sounds are their chanting and bugling...
You must be astonished by the natural phenomenon that nobody can explain when you travel in the Resonant Sand Bay. Sliding down from the 90-meter-high, 45-degree sand hill, people will hear sounds like a bugle and drumbeat in the sand. If several people are surfing together, the sound will be as loud as the automobile and aircraft engines and you will feel the whole dune is trembling. Scientists made researches and come up with many theories trying to explain the sound. However, none of those theories have yet been proved, and this phenomenon remains a mystery so far. Here are some guide information below: Admission Fee: RMB70 Open hours: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Address:Baotou, Inner Mongolia, China. Contact Telephone: 86 0937 8882087

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