Wudangzhao is a large Tibetan Buddhist monastery. Located 70 Kms from Baotou, it is the biggest and the best preserved lama monastery in Inner Mongolia's Autonomous Region. 'Bada Gele Monastery' is its Tibetan name, meaning white lotus. 'Wudangzhao' in Mongolian means 'willow'. Willows are prosperous in the valley, thus the name. According to statistics, there are some 1,500 Buddhist statues and abundant fine murals which reflect the historical characters, customs, myths and beautiful landscape. All the collections in the monastery are precious materials for studying the history and culture of minorities.
The main buildings in the monastery are composed of six halls, three living Buddha residences, and a funeral hall where the relics of several living Buddhas are preserved. Besides for Buddhist activities and pilgrimage, Wudangzhao is a famous lecturing lamasery in Inner Mongolia. It has schooling for monks to learn sutras and study Buddhism. In its prime Wudangzhao had over 1200 resident monks, but these numbers have dwindled down to but a few, leaving the 2500 room complex active, but filled mainly by travellers and believers. Here are some guide information below for your reference: Admission Fee: RMB45 Address:70km northeast from Baotou, Inner Mongolia, China. Contact Telephone: 86 0472 8711511

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