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Baotou Travel Guide

Want to know things to see and what to see in Baotou? Welcome to check Baotou Guide here. Situated in the west of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, adjacent to the Republic of Mongolia in the north and Yellow River in the south, Baotou also connects with thousands and thousands miles of plains and mountain ranges. Baotou is perhaps most renowned for its historic sites, which include Ashan Ruins, the Qin Great Wall, Zhao Great Wall, the old Wudangzhao Temple, and the Meidai Temple. For sightseeing lovers, Baotou also offers scenic areas such as the Xilamuren Grassland and JiuFeng Mountains. In addition to the many historic and scenic spots in Baotou, the city also enjoys a semi-arid continental climate. Since China's reform and opening twenty years ago, great changes have been initiated in Baotou. Baotou is now one of the biggest and wealthiest industrial cities in China's autonomous regions, developing such industries as metallurgy, machinery, textile, chemical industry, and rare earth supplies. No wonder Baotou is also known as the "Steel City Outside the Great Wall" and "Rare Earth City".

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