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Taiyuan Travel Guide

Taiyuan Guide gives introduction to what to do in this city. Situated in the middle reaches of the Yellow River in North China and surrounded by hills to the west, north, and east, Taiyuan covers a total area of 6998 square kilometers. As of 2002, the total of residents' power consumption in the urban and rural areas totaled 706 million KWH; the tap water was supplied for 93.6 percent of the total urban residents. The output of coal gas was 860,000 cubic meters a day, with coal gas pipeline of 1475 kilometers in length. The coal gas and liquefied gas have been supplied for 91.8 percent of the total urban residents. Taiyuan is also abounding with historical and cultural sites and there are many things worth to see in Taiyuan: most notably the "Holy Mother Temple" built during the "Beiwei" Dynasty for the mother of Emperor Tang Shuyu, the founder of the State of Jin. The temple is regarded as the symbol of Chinese culture. In and around Taiyuan are 5 state protected sites, including the Paleolithic Scalter in Guojiao City, the Neolithic Age at Loufan, Qinxu, Yangqu and Guojia, the ruins at the ancient city, Jinyang. There are also ancient tombs called the Tombs of the spring and autumn Period. The discovery was listed in “World's 100 Archaeology Discoveries of the Century”. Check more things to do in Taiyuan in the following attraction list.

Taiyuan Attraction Guide – Things To Do in Taiyuan

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