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Tour to Taiyuan provide you a chance to visit this "town of beautiful landscapes" for its abundant natural attractions and cultural relics throughout history. Taiyuan, the capital city of Shanxi Province, lies in the north basin of Middle Jin and crosses the River Fen. The city area administers three districts, one subdivided city and five counties. Taiyuan is surrounded by mountains in the east, west and north; only the southern part is alluvial plains. It is a Chinese ancient city that has a long history of 2500 years, famous for the world in its long history, magnificent culture, abundant resource. For example, Jinci Temple, a dazzling pearl exemplifying Chinese culture; The Twin Pagoda Temple, the symbol for Taiyuan; Taiyuan Tours provide detailed information of Taiyuan itinerary as well as China tours packages.

Taiyuan Highlight Day Tour

Taiyuan Pingyao One Day Tour

Taiyuan Pingyao One Day TourCode:CT899From:USD55

Tour Features:- This tour will offer you the chance to savor the ancient memory of those two cities within one day. This t..

Taiyuan Pinyao 3 Days Tour

Taiyuan Pinyao 3 Days TourCode:CT897From:USD180

Tour Features:- This tour will let you get a better understanding of the history and culture of Shanxi by visiting Taiyuan..

Taiyuan Beijing Pingyao Tour

Taiyuan Beijing Pingyao TourCode:CT895From:USD510

Tour Features:- Pingyao Taiyuan Beijing 7 Days Tour will be a specially experience leading you from the grand capital of C..

Shanxi Ancient Culture Tour

Shanxi Ancient Culture TourCode:CT891From:USD480

Tour Features:- Staring from Datong, this tour takes you to appreciate the ancient culture, historical sites and civilizat..

China Tour Packages Including Taiyuan

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