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The Ancient City of Gaochang

The Ancient City of Gaochang, located southeast of Turpan and near the Flaming Mountains, was constructed in the first century B.C. and was first called Gaochangbi. However, during the 14th century, the Ancient City of Gaochang was burned down by ongoing wars. The walls of the Ancient City of Gaochang are still intact and divide the city into three parts: the inner city, outer city and palace city. The palace city is located inside the inner city which is located inside the outer city. One can find inside the inner city ruins of workshops and markets.
The western and southern parts of the walls of the Ancient City of Gaochang are well preserved. The eastern and southern parts were badly damaged, only with the northeastern highlands and the southeastern earthen platforms are still visible. There is also an old temple located in the southwestern area of the city. The temple still has several murals that are visible. Here's some guide information in your travel of The Ancient City of Gaochang: Address: 40km southeast of Turpan, Xinjiang Province. Admission Fee: CNY20/Person Opening Hours: 08:00 -17:00  Contact number: 0086-995-8520171

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