The Grape Valley

The Grape Valley is located northeast of Turpan. The Grape Valley is a forest of grape vines that veer off a cliff to the west. The slopes of the Grape Valley are also home to several cottages and adobe houses. Grapes are very important to Turpan, one of the city's famous products. All over China one can buy Turpan grapes and raisins. The city began planting grapes ever since the Han Dynasty. At the Grape Valley, there are also singing and dancing performances daily by the Wei minority group. The best time to travel is in the morning and stay through lunch to buy the local food.
The Grape Valley of 400 hectares (988 acres) runs 8km (5miles) from north to south at a width of 0.5km (03.miles). This green paradise is covered with layer upon layer of grapes. It seems that all the water in the desert of Turpan flows into the Karez systems in the Grape Valley. Here’s some guide information in your travel of The Grape Valley: Address: 13km away from Flaming Mountain, Turpan, Xinjiang Province. Admission Fee: CNY60/Person; Opening Hours: 08:00 -18:00; Contact number: 0086-995-8614688

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