The Yellow River

The Yellow River, known as the 'Mother River' of Chinese people, is one of the most important rivers in China and the cradle of Chinese civilization. Its source comes from Bayanhar Mountain Range in Qinghai Province and flows across nine provinces to empty into Bohai Seat in Shandong Province. The major scenic spots of the Yellow River are: Longmen Grottoes, Hangu Pass, Yue Fei Temple, Wild Goose Pagoda, Haibao Pagoda, Liujia Gorge, Maiji Grottoes and several others. While traveling at many different places along the Yellow River, tourists will not only see the remarkable river and its scenery, but also learn a lot about Chinese history and culture.
It is the water of the Yellow River and its spirit that nurture the whole Chinese nation. The Yellow River has been admired by Chinese literary giants, artists, as well as by the common people for thousands years. The natural landscapes of the Yellow River are breathtaking and attractive, especially those in Henan segment. Although through the whole history, the Yellow River had changes its path many times due to floods and the sand accumulation. The riverbeds of lower reach of Yellow River in the east are meters higher than the ground.

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