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Yinchuan Travel Guide

The guide to Yinchuan give you a reference to what to do in this city. Yinchuan, the capital of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, boosts over 1,300 years of brilliant history, and has and continues to serve as the gateway to northwest China. The city is positioned in an ideal geographical location, in the middle of the Yellow River irrigation area and vast plains, with Mt. Helan to the west. Yinchuan is located in the dry temperate zone, and thus enjoys a typical continental temperate climate characterized by its long cold winter, short hot summer, low annual precipitation and plenty of sunshine. Yinchuan is made up of two counties and three districts. With a total area of 3,499 square kilometers, including an area of 1,457 kilometers, the city's population in 1995 stood at 893,800 with including 163,200 Hui people, accounting for 18.25% and 476,300 non-agricultural residents. As briefly mentioned before, Yinchuan is situated at the heard of the Yellow River irrigation projects. Some notable tourist scenic sights are good things to see in Yinchuan, including Laocheng, the mysterious Xixia Wangling, or Mausoleums of the Western Xia, some 20km outside the city.

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