Western Xia Museum

The Western Xia Dynasty Museum is the place where nine imperial tombs and over 200 others are located, situated at the Western Xia Imperial Tomb zone. The Western Xia Dynasty Museum features several artifacts from the Dangxia ethnic minority and the area and is divided into six different sections, with each section focusing on a specific subject. With an area of 5300 square meters featuring deep architectural styles of the Western Xia nationality, the Western Xia Dynasty Museum boasts a collection of 671 typical artifacts of Western Xia and 413 pieces of paper, magazine, monograph and articles.
The display, featuring over 150 items, reflects the history, culture, art and architecture of Western Xia. Along with the accompanying murals and embossments, the exhibit reflects the great achievements of the kingdom and its influence on Chinese civilization. If you are interested in Chinese history and have chance to visit Yinchuan, you might as well take a visit of this Western Xia Dynasty Museum. Here are some guide information about The Western Xia Museum. The detail is following: Location: Helanshandonglu, Yinchuan  Admission Fee: CNY 20/Person  Opening hours: 08:00 A.M-17:00 P.M  Contact Hotline: 86 951 6119581

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