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Xiamen Travel Guide

Xiamen Guide is served to provide you with the useful information and practise advise on things to do and what to see in this beautiful coastal city. Situated in southeast Fujian Province and facing the Taiwan Straits, Xiamen is a beautiful coastal city and a place that has increasingly attracted more and more foreign tourists. The primary reason for its attraction towards tourists is the city's mild climate. Located in the subtropical zone, Xiamen receives abundant sunshine, which is a good thing for those planning to soak up the sun in the city's fine beaches. Xiamen's economy mainly revolves around trade with Taiwan, which totaled 585 million U.S. dollars during the first six months of 2001. The major items imported by Xiamen are machinery, electrical products, metals, textile materials and textiles, occupying 67 percent of the total import volume. Another important anomaly in Xiamen is it's virtually pollution-less air; the city ranks alongside Dalian as China's cleanest city. Not only are the air pollution levels the lowest of any major city, but half of he city's sewage is treated and that figure will rise to 100% over the next five years. Xiamen remains a business-friendly climate increasingly attracting multinational investors. We kindly invite you to read the attractions guide below to know more things to do in Xiamen.

Xiamen Attraction Guide – Things To Do in Xiamen

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