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Fuzhou Tour is a good choice if you want to go somewhere with good landscape and profound culture while has less people than the other hot destinations in China. Fuzhou, the capital of Fujian Province, is situated in the lower reaches of Minjiang River, facing the East China Sea and Taiwan. The city has over 7.37 million hectares of forest, making it one of the four forest zones in China. Also, due to its numerous development zones and increasingly abundant industrial districts, invested by overseas businessmen, Fuzhou has been included as the country's top 50 most powerful cities. Fuzhou Tours is ready to take you to taste this city.

Fuzhou Highlight Day Tour

Fuzhou 1-Day Highlight Tour

Fuzhou 1-Day Highlight TourCode:CT239From:USD35

Tour Features:- Welcome to choose Fuzhou Tour. We are experts for fuzhou hotels reservation and fuzhou tours booking, who ..

Fuzhou Wuyishan Tour

Fuzhou Wuyishan TourCode:CT235From:USD390

Tour Features:- This tour starts from Fuzhou with a visit to Wuyishan, one of the most famous mountain in China. Fuzhou is..

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