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Fuzhou Travel Guide

Fuzhou Guide is a good reference for visitors to know things to do and what to see in this city. Fuzhou, the capital of Fujian Province, is situated in the lower reaches of Minjiang River, facing the East China Sea and Taiwan. Fuzhou is also the economical, political and cultural center of Fujian province. The city has over 7.37 million hectares of forest, making it one of the four forest zones in China. Both an ideal place to see cultural and historical sites as well as a major home for overseas Chinese and Taiwanese compatriots, Fujian Province boosts 22 bays, the scenic Wuyi Mountains and Meizhou Island, which is a major tourist holiday resort. With abundant water resources, an increasingly flourishing coastline, and rich mineral deposits, Fuzhou is rapidly becoming the next economic miracle in China. Because of Fuzhou's proximity to Taiwan, and the ethnic and linguistic closeness of the two regions, cross-strait investment has made Fuzhou one of China's most prosperous cities. The city is also referred to as Rongcheng Foochow Romanized which means "city of banyan trees". Due to its mild climate, the Fuzhou area is ideal for cultivation of paddies, citrus fruit, litchis, and olives, etc. For more things to do in Fuzhou, check the following attraction list.

Fuzhou Attraction Guide – Things To Do in Fuzhou

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