West Lake Park

Fuzhou West Lake Park is located at the foot of Wolong Mountain in northwest Fuzhou, Fujiang Province. The west lake in Fuzhou was excavated in 282 A.D. by Yan Gao, an official of Jing Dynasty. Totally, has a history of more than 1700 years. In late Tang Dynasty, it became widely known because of its beautiful scenery. During the period of Five Dynasties, an emperor built waterside pavilions around the lake and took it as his imperial garden. Later in Song Dynasty, it became a famous tourist attraction and abundant poets visited it and wrote many beautiful poems for it. In 1828 in Qing Dynasty, Lin Zexu, the anti-opium patriot restored the bank around the lake. The lake was publicized as West Lake Park.
West Lake has a total area of 45 hectares and a water area of about 30 hectares. It has three islands in total, Kaihua Island, Xieping Island and Yaojiao Island. The three islands are connected by Liudi bridge, Feihong bridge ,Buyun bridge and Beizha bridge respectively. The main attractions consist of the willow landscape on fairy bridge ,spring rain in the center of the lake, Wanzai Room, Ziwei hall, Jianhu Pavilion, Lotus Pavilion, and Osmanthus Room ,etc. The willow landscape on fairy bridge along the spring rain in the center of the lake has been two of the eighth spectacles of ancient west lake. There are many West Lakes in China. Among them, Fuzhou West Lake is one of the most famous besides Hangzhou West Lake.

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