Xichan Temple

The Xichan Temple,one of the Five Great Temple of Fuzhou, located due west of Fuzhou city, just past Fuzhou University. It was first built in 867 AD during the Tang Dynasty of China. In front of the majestic and imposing Buddhist buildings grew a lychee tree almost 800 years old, which still bears fruit. There are two jade statues of Buddha brought from Myanmar in the Jade Buddha Hall. The seated Buddha is 2.95 meters tall, while the reclining one measures 3.7 meters in length. The name "Xichan temple" originates that there are temples at the all four corners of Fuzhou city,and Changqin temple is in the west, so the name "west temple"(Xichan temple) is gained.
Xi Chan Temple is an extraordinary Buddhist Temple, with extensive grounds and symmetric layout covering about 67 ha area, including 36 large and small buildings. The major attractions inside Xi Chan Temple are Hall of 500 Arhats, The Great Hall of the Buddha, and the Hall of Deities. The Hall of 500 Arhats is magnificent building with amazing craftmanship in every detail, it's a six-levels and eye catching architecture (visitors of Xi Chan Temple could see this building from far distance). Down below this building, towards the exit, there is a small turtle pond with very large fish in it. Just beyond that is a small lake with a superb Banyan tree to sit under and enjoy is long reaching shading branches.

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