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Lin Zexu Memorial Hall

Lin Zexu Memorial Hall was built to commemorate Lin Zexu, a national hero during the Opium War. Known for his dedication, loyalty and high competency, Lin Zexu was sent to Guangdong province as imperial envoy by Emperor Daoguang in 1838 to halt the illegal importation of opium from the British. The most outstanding achievement of Lin Zexu was the destruction of 1.2 million kilograms opium in Humen beach. This action brings great inspiration the Chinese people throughout the country and fiercely discouraging the British opium traders. To commemorate his tremendous contributions, people built the Hall of Master Lin in 1905.
Lin Zexu Memorial Hall is situated in Fuzhou city, covering an area of 3,000 square meters. The memorial hall built in the style of the gardens in Jiangnan (a region in the lower Yangtze River Valley) and one of the main historical sites in Fujian province. On the screen wall facing the gate of the memorial hall is a large relief of "Burning Opium at Humen", on either side of the corridor are displayed over 20 boards inscribed with the official posts Lin Zexu once held such as Lin's handwritting, his poems, seals, and other related documents. The most precious relics are the manuscript of his finalized poems and the handwritten of Lin Binri (Lin Zexu father).

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