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Zhangjiajie Tours brings you to explore the “Wonderland of Avatar”. Located in the northwest of Hunan province and at the junction of the Yunan-Guizhou Plateau and Donating Lake, Zhangjiajie is a city famous for its scenery in China. The city's position is scenic and ideal, with Shimen county and Taoyuan county to the east, Yuanling county to the south, Hefeng and Xuan'en to the north. The landscape in Zhangjiejie features a diverse array of topography, including mountains, lava, hills, plains, etc. The mountains though are the main sight, taking up 76% of the total land in the city. The city has an high elevation towards the northwest but tends to tilt lower in the south. Know more about Zhangjiajie tours in the following Zhangjiajie Attraction list.

Zhangjiajie Highlight Day Tour

Zhangjiajie Explore Tour

Zhangjiajie Explore TourCode:CT829From:USD140

Tour Features:- This 3-day tour to Zhangjiajie National Park is to show you the famous Zhangjiajie Natural Reserve. Renown..

Zhangjiajie Essence Tour

Zhangjiajie Essence TourCode:CT827From:USD220

Tour Features:- Zhangjiajie Tour is still largely undiscovered by foreigners. But it has already been one of the most popu..

Zhangjiajie Culture Discovery Tour

Zhangjiajie Culture Discovery TourCode:CT826From:USD160

Tour Features:- Zhangjiajie tour is well-renowned in China for its unique natural scenery. Zhangjiajie is located in the n..

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