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Silk Embroidery Factory

At Silk Embroidery Factory, you have chance to see the whole process of making silk and learn the history of Chinese silk. Silk is a very important commodity and trading item in China, ever since the beginning of the Silk Road in Eastern China. The Chinese discovered ways of making clothes from silk and these clothes soon became popular. The Silk Road was built spanning a 60 year period of war. It began in Xi'an and ran across Middle, South and West Asia connecting several Asian and European countries. Silk Culture is the practice of raising silkworms and unwinding the cocoons. The silkworm must be 25-28 days old before it is able to spin a cocoon. After the cocoons have been spun, the farmers will pick them up and put then in piles of straw.
The silkworms will then stick to the straw and begin to spin. Next, the cocoons are heated in order to kill the pupae inside before the pupas turn themselves into moths and make a hole in the cocoon. After boiling, the women will unwind the cocoons by first putting them into a basin filled with hot water and then twist the loose end of the cocoon and put it on a small wheel. The silk is then measured, twisted and dyed before being woven into cloth. Suzhou is the best place to raise silkworms for its ideal climate, so there produce best quality silk products. When you travel to Suzhou, it’ll be a good experience to visit a silk factory together with embroidery factory.

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