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Suzhou Travel Guide

Many guide books should have explained that there are so many things to do in Suzhou. Yes, you cannot ask for more to see in this elegant China southern watertown city. Situated in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River, with Shanghai to the east and Zhejiang to the south, Suzhou is a well-known tourist and cultural city, as well as a economic opening area, with 2500 years of history. There is an old Chinese saying that comments on the welcoming atmosphere of Suzhou: "Paradise in Heaven, Suzhou and Hangzhou on Earth". No wonder why: Suzhou enjoys a favorable climate and a comfortable environment. The town is reminiscent of the Venice of Italy, as it is built on a network of interlocking canals and lush gardens. The most famous place to visit in Suzhou is "Little Singapore", an industrial city built on the outskirts by Singaporean investment. Other notably cultural and historical sites worth to see are Hanshan Temple, the Temple of Mystery and West Garden Temple, both excellent examples of Daoist and Buddhist tradition. Welcome to read more about Suzhou guide to know things to do in Suzhou in the following attraction list.

Suzhou Attraction Guide – Things To Do in Suzhou

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Question:I will be in Suzhou next week for business and I will have 2 days free to travel around this city and its neighbour places. Can you help to make a travel plan for us that would include Suzhou, Tongli and/or other water towns and lakes. Thank you.

Answer:Hello, we are glad to offer you excellent travel services in Suzhou. In your case we suggest one day Suzhou city sightseeing and one day excursion to Shanghai with a stop in Tongli watertown on the way. Pls check your email for the details. You can also browse our site for more products and guide information. Feel free to contact us with any other requirements.