Tiger Hill

Tiger Hill is a famous hill in Suzhou that is 36 meters tall and covers over 14,100 sq. meters. The Tiger Hill itself has a very long history with several interesting places to see. Lu Yu Well: He was a tea expert and wrote the first book on the subject of tea. He lived on Tiger Hill in his later years and wrote the final part of his book while living here. He dug a well here and declared that the water from this well was some of the best water in all of China. Because of Lu Yu, tea became a very important commodity for Suzhou.
Tomb of King He Lu: During a war fought against the Yue in 496 BC, King of the Wu died in battle and his son buried him on the hill. Only three days after he was buried, a white tiger appeared on top of the Tiger Hill, thus giving the hill its present day name. Apart from these places, there are still more attractions to explore. Tiger Hill is a peaceful place for visitors to go and walk around and learn about some of Suzhou's history. There are several paths, waterfalls and pagodas all worth exploring. Some guide information of the Tiger Hill. Location: Tiger Hill Park, Suzhou  Admission Fee: CNY60 (Apr.16 - Oct.30); CNY40 (Oct.31 - Apr.15)  Opening hours: 07:30 -18:00  Contact number: +86 512 65383488

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