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The Lingering Garden

The Lingering Garden, very unique in that a good portion of the garden, is filled with buildings of various kinds of architecture. The Lingering Garden uses the spaces between these buildings to fill up the area with beauty. Some of the buildings worth seeing are the Pellucid Tower, the Zigzag Stream Tower and the Refreshing Breeze Pavilion. The hall that is found in the Lingering Garden is the best one in all of Suzhou. The Lingering Garden was listed as a cultural relic of national importance in 1961 by the Chinese government. Inside the Lingering Garden, there is a man-made mountain and lake as well as the original site of Xu's East Garden and the villa of Liu which is the best part of the gardens.
Other areas of the main garden also contain extensions of other gardens. These particular gardens of Suzhou have the Auspicious Cloud and Mountainous Cloud peaks, all made of limestone and are the highest in all of the classical gardens in the city. Here is some guide information of the Lingering Garden for your travel to Lingering Garden. The details are as follows: Location: No. 338 Liuyuan Street, Suzhou City.  Admission Fee: CNY40/Person (3/1-5/31; 9/1-11/30); CNY30/Person (6/1-8/31; 12/1-4/30)  Opening Hours: 07:30 to 17:00  Contact number: +86 512 65337903

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