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Ancient Cultural Street

Ancient Cultural Street, famous in Tianjin for entertaining local seamen and also serving as a place of assembly, was rebuilt in 1986 due to its deteriorating quality. Tianjin Ancient Cultural Street is located in the Nankai District of the Tianjin Municipality and stands in the area of key section in upstream of the Haihe River. There are many small shops and vendors that sell all sorts of food and handicrafts along the Ancient Cultural Street. The Ancient Cultural Street begins at Gongbei Avenue in the north, and ends at Gongnan Avenue in the south, being 0.36 miles long and 16 feet wide.
Although essentially a business street, Tianjin Ancient Cultural Street attracts tourists who come to see its special architectural styles, admire its classic cultural features, buy various folk crafts, and sample the delicious local Tianjin snacks. Standing at the center of Tianjin Ancient Cultural Street, there is a famous palace which is Tianhou Palace, it was built 1326,is one of only three Mazu Temples in the world (the other two are Fujian Mazu Temple and Beigang Chaotian Temple on Taiwan Island). Tianhou Palace is now the Folk-custom Museum of Tianjin and displays many folk crafts and cultural relics of ancient times.

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