Liberation Bridge

The Liberation Bridge (Jiefang Bridge) has resumed its drawbridge function after 25 years of disuse, following recent repairs. The Liberation Bridge is a great contributor to the improvement of Tianjin. The Liberation Bridge is 96.7-meters long, 5.5-meters high and 19.5-meters wide and the bridge deck can open automatically in the middle with the use of a gasoline engine generator, which can now be drawn apart in the middle in three minutes to accommodate traffic on the Haihe River. The Liberation Bridge, which was built in 1927, hasn't opened since 1973 due to rusty girders and an outdated transmission system.
The Liberation Bridge is home to the Century Bell, which was constructed in order to ring in the new millennium. The bell has three parts: the body, pendulum and base. The bell is 40 meters in height and weighs more than 150 tons, making it the largest and heaviest bell so far recorded throughout China. There will be 24 bridges connecting Tianjin's six districts on both sides of the Haihe River till the end of 2007, according to a construction planning, with the average distance between two bridges shortened to less than 800 meters from 1,600 meters.

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