Food Street

Nanshi Food Street can be found in one of Tainjin's old shopping areas, 40,000 square meters in area, with more than 100 restaurants. The name Nanshi means "south city", which is an old name. Before the founding of PRC, Nanshi also used to be called "Sanbuguan", which means that nothing is illegal. All trades were prospering, including opium, gambling, prostitution, street performances, snacks, etc. The streets were narrow with shabby houses. Nanshi was actually a haven for all kinds of evils. But today, everything has changed. Nanshi offers an opportunity to experience both the history and food.
The Nanshi food street is humongous with several different vendors selling food from all over China. There are foods from Hunan, Sichuan, Fujian, Dongbei and many others. There are also some foreign foods that are served along the street, such as American, German and Italian. This Nanshi food street is known all throughout China and many people come here every year to stop and have a bite! If you have chance to travel Tianjin, the Nanshi food street will be a good option!

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