Jingyuan Garden

The Jingyuan Garden, located in the Heping District of Tianjin, is a prestigious historical site constructed in the year 1921. This area of cultural importance was once the home of minister counsellor to Japan appointed by the Northern Warlords Government, Lu Zongyu. In 1929, Puyi changed its name to Jingyuan Garden, as the last emperor of the Qing Dynasty took up residence in this beautiful sanctuary. Jingyuan Garden with an area of 3360 square meters consists of three sets of courtyards. The garden houses a building complex that contains an array of rooms. The main building contains a servant chamber, a kitchen, garage and library. The buildings, made out of brick and wood, are two storied and some sections are three storied. The first floor contains a dining room and living room while the second floor is for bedrooms. The stairways and floors are crafted from the richest woods in China. With the corridors linked together, the complex has a comprehensive layout that ensures ease of access to every room.
This building was once almost demolished in 2005. However, it was restored and went through a few renovations, guaranteeing its structural stability and safety. The garden is now displayed following its original arrangements of furniture and adornments. And there also exhibit some paper materials and photos related with the daily life and political life of Pu Yi, the last emperor.
Location: No. 70, Anshan Road, Heping District,
Getting there: Take No. 3, 50, 673, 632 and 800 buses and get off at the stop of Anshan Avenue.
Ticket Fare:20 Yuan
Opening hours: 9:00-11:30 from every Thursday to Sunday
Ticketing hours: 8:30-10:30

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